Who is this crazy girl?!??


anything chocolate.  red wine.  coffee.  ice cream.

fluffy snowflakes.  the first warm spring day.

a Rocky Mountain thunderstorm – on top of the mountain.

my creator.  my husband.  my two miracles.  friends.

Vernazza.  Sienna.  Rome.  Seattle.  Estes.  Grand Lake.
my home.

color.  texture.  contrast.  light.  real emotion.  eyes.  stories.

I love how pictures tell stories.  Sometimes better than words can.  A well created image can preserve a moment in time forever.

My passion is capturing images that hint at the full, complete story of the subject.  I relish the challenge of finding the true personality inside and bringing that to light.

To accomplish this, I watch interactions, wait for subtle details to reveal themselves, and ask questions when I need to.  This allows me to better understand how to create an image that represents the best of who you are.

I love creating with my camera, and I’d love to create something perfect for you and help you tell your story.

Contact me for more information or go to my portfolio gallery for more examples of my work.



M o s t   r e c e n t   f u n