What should we wear for our photo session?

One of the questions I am often asked as a professional photographer is, “What should we wear for our photo session?”

Above all, wear something comfortable for you.  Wear coordinating colors so you don’t clash with each other, and don’t have everyone wear the same color.  Avoid sleeveless shirts, busy or distracting patterns, and shirts with logos, words, or obvious branding.  Bright colors can be fun, especially for little ones.

If you are having a hard time figuring out where to start with everyone’s outfits, I suggest building coordinating outfits starting with one of the younger girls, if there is one in your group.  She may be the pickiest to dress ;), as well as the one with the funnest choices of dresses, outfits and accessories, possibly with more than one color.  Pick a color or group of colors for her that will work well with your chosen location, and then build your palette for everyone else from there.  I have found that to be a good way to build a palette with a nice color pop.  You can also check out the location ideas page here at CMP to see how clients of past sessions answered the “what to wear” question.

Do bring or have on hand any favorite toys, balls, blankets, or stuffed animals that will help your children “be themselves.”  These will not only help ease tensions, but can be used as “props” in the pictures to create endearing images of who your little ones are right now.

Below is some inspiration on what to wear for your photography session with Christine McKee Photography, thanks to the awesome folks at Inspire Me Baby.  Check out the color palettes they started with and how they built the outfits from there.  Enjoy!


What-to-wear-for-photography-session-Denver-Broomfield-Colorado-family-child-newborn-portrait-photography-photographer-3 What-to-wear-for-photography-session-Denver-Broomfield-Colorado-family-child-newborn-portrait-photography-photographer-6 What-to-wear-for-photography-session-Denver-Broomfield-Colorado-family-child-newborn-portrait-photography-photographer-7 What-to-wear-for-photography-session-Denver-Broomfield-Colorado-family-child-newborn-portrait-photography-photographer-5
What-to-wear-for-photography-session-Denver-Broomfield-Colorado-family-child-newborn-portrait-photography-photographer-4 What-to-wear-for-photography-session-Denver-Broomfield-Colorado-family-child-newborn-portrait-photography-photographer-2 What-to-wear-for-photography-session-Denver-Broomfield-Colorado-family-child-newborn-portrait-photography-photographer-9 What-to-wear-for-photography-session-Denver-Broomfield-Colorado-family-child-newborn-portrait-photography-photographer


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