Defined: fresh * bright * fun

FBF 2016


I like to keep my work updated, current, and unique.  The last thing I want is for my photography to become stale, boring, or just like everything else out there.  I love being creative.  I love looking at different points of view, love sweating the details and reworking something – a pose, an edited image, a wall collage – until it is just right.  I will work hard to make the images and products I create for you fresh, so that the products you take away from our time together are unique pieces suited perfectly to you and your style and needs.


Bright eyes.  Bright smiles.  Bright colors and pictures.  I have been told my photography is happy.  I like that.  Not only do I love to capture you and your loved ones’ bright eyes and smiles, but I love to make the experience as a whole bright and happy.  From the start when we first make contact and meet, to the last thank you, I strive to make our time together go beyond pleasant to fabulous.  I know time is an extremely precious commodity these days and I want to make it count when we are working together.  I want to make getting you the unbelievable images and products you are looking for easy, not a hassle.  And I want you to be happy with them.  No, way more than happy – absolutely thrilled – with them.


If it’s not fun, why do it?  Why should documenting this special time be a drag or something to dread?  I love to laugh, love to play, and that’s how I love to photograph, by laughing and playing.  By necessity, I will pose you some, but mostly, I want to play and have fun with you during our time together.  That’s when those natural, fun, smiles and expressions come out.  You know, the expressions and faces that you are always trying to capture and can’t ever seem to get?  They come when we play together and have fun.  We’ll laugh away the stiffness and get to the real person, the real twinkle in their eyes, the real quirky smile, the real funny face, the real love between you.

M o s t   r e c e n t   f u n