I have the best clients.  I have the best friends.  Sometimes the stars align and these two are one in the same.  I spent this day with my longtime, dearest friend and multi-platinum repeat client and her family, and we had the best weather of the fall season.  In Boulder, Colorado.  On the gorgeous University of Colorado campus.  I was in heaven.

And then they had this idea to stand and kiss behind their son… wait for it… playing air guitar.  We had so much fun.

Thanks again, lovely people, for your amazing creativity and trust, once again, to document this sweet time in life.

5-30478-Denver-portrait-newborn-child-family-photography 5-30306-Denver-portrait-newborn-child-family-photography 5-30408-Denver-portrait-newborn-child-family-photography


5-30557-Denver-portrait-newborn-child-family-photography 5-30638-Denver-portrait-newborn-child-family-photography 5-30688-Denver-portrait-newborn-child-family-photography 5-30741-Denver-portrait-newborn-child-family-photography 5-30739-Denver-portrait-newborn-child-family-photography 5-30757-Denver-portrait-newborn-child-family-photography 5-30904-Denver-portrait-newborn-child-family-photography 5-30985-Denver-portrait-newborn-child-family-photography

Love this next one.  Just chillin’ on the steps.  Aren’t they so cool?


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One of the things I love about my job is getting a glimpse into the amazing lives of amazing people.  This family is just…wonderful, and I came away thinking what beautiful people they all are, inside and out.  They have beautiful hearts.  We had a blast at Clear Creek History Park in Golden, CO, walking around with their beautiful dogs (SO well behaved!  They put my dog to shame!) and enjoying the start of the gorgeous fall weather.  Thank you for the absolute honor of spending time with you guys and allowing me to create images for your family!  Until next time!!


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